Solid Waste Solutions, LLC (SWS), based in Northfield, MA, is a joint venture formation between T. Patrick Kennedy, business owner of Alternative Recycling Systems, Inc., Northampton, MA, and Whitney Trucking, Inc., Northfield, MA.  The combined waste management experience of Daniel Whitney, President, of Whitney Trucking and Patrick Kennedy totals more than thirty (30) years and this hands-on experience, together with the available equipment, staff and financial resources of the two individuals / businesses creates a team prepared to meet diverse solid waste management challenges.

SWS maintains a reputation for delivering cost-effective solid waste management services without sacrificing public safety or environmental integrity.  Having built their respective solid waste businesses from the ground up, SWS principals have the direct knowledge of the services they provide and can make informed decisions on how best to advance a operational or cost- containment objective, while assuring a keen sense of individual customer or municipal waste manager needs.  SWS integrates their resources with those of their municipal partners to ensure their facilities meet DEP and other regulatory requirements.

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